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Apply online and we will follow up with you within 2 hours of your application.

Here are the lists of supporting documentation that we need please:

  1. Copies of last two years Tax return.
  2. Copies of W-2s for last two years.
  3. Copies of paycheck stubs for last 30 days (most current).
  4. Copies of checking and saving account statement for last two months (all pages, even if it is blank), it must include your name and account number if you are printing from online.
  5. Copy of social security and driver's license (both you and spouse).
  6. Copy (front and back) of permanent residency card (both you and spouse) if you are not a US citizen. A copy of US passport (first page only) if you are a US citizen.
  7. Name and number of Insurance agent (if you don't have one, consider combining with your auto insurance; this will give you the best price).
  8. Copy of your existing Survey (for refinance transaction, you don't need to pay for a new one, but if you change any structure, you do).
  9. Copy of your current mortgage statement.
  10. Fill up, Print and scan/email or fax me at 214-764-4047 the following Appraisal order form back to me:

Appraisal Order Form

For purchase transaction, we need the executed contract, Earnest money deposit check and the Realtor/Builder information.
For self-employed borrowers, we need some more documentation like Full tax return with all schedules, profit and loss statement, etc.
We will go over with all the documentation after we receive your complete application with the appraisal order form filled up.

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Great mortgage company to work with. The process was smooth and i'm now in my new home.


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